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Grade 7-9 Math & Art Topics

Welcome to Intermediate Art of Math!

Content is organized by both math and art topics. Click on the buttons below to access lessons and activities.

For math topics, it is easiest to complete the activities in the order provided under each topic.

Grade 7-9 Math Topics

Grade 7-9 Art Topics

The lessons combined with the Intermediate math topics will also introduce students to the concepts of:

Colour Theory, Shading & Painting Techniques, Elements & Principles of Design, Sculpture, Printmaking and Perspective Drawing.


58 Pages, Paperback

ArtGram is part of the Art of Math Education series.

For students who struggle in math, this resource will help walk through step-by-step tips for understanding concepts.

For students who are new to art, this resource provides introductory approaches to shading and blending techniques.

For students with a passion for math and art who are strong in either subject, this resource helps to extend learning and push the boundaries of applying concepts in new and innovative ways.

ArtGram Cover
Back Cover ArtGram
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