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We look forward to supporting you with your next professional development initiative.  We currently host workshops, information sessions, and conversations with educators.  

We are passionate about working with students and host several day camp/workshops to engage youth in the arts and mathematics.

Families, educators, and those interested in the arts and/or mathematics are also invited to follow us on social media to join our ongoing collaboration and sharing. 

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Professional Development

Workshops for Educators

Interdisciplinary Learning: Building Strategies with Educators.

Interactive Workshop.

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Combining Art & Math

Workshop for Educators

Benefits of Art & Math. Destreaming, Personalizing Learning, Experiential Strategies.

Designed with You.

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Student Workshop

Grades 4-6 OR Grades 7-9

Hands on experience introducing art concepts and math curriculum.

Book a Session.

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Paint Nights

Open to All

Paint Nights for students, educators, and families.

Follow @ArtofMathEd

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