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Measurement is a concept that is introduced to students at a young age in the context of both art and math.


When first introduced to measurement in mathematics, students investigate length, perimeter, area and volume using non-conventional units of measurement (i.e. the width of my desk is 5 of my hands). As students move into the intermediate and secondary grades, they begin to explore the development of formulas and expand their understanding using composite shapes and figures. They will then move shapes onto a coordinate plane and use analytic geometry to determine key dimensions.

Shape is an Element of Design. Students use shape as soon as they begin creating artworks (i.e. A rectangle and a triangle are used together to illustrate a house. A circle is used to depict the sun). The other Elements and Principles of Design can be used with shape to add depth, dimension and complexity to an artwork.

Below are lessons, activities and/or tutorials on the topic of measurement. Click on the links to access content.

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