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The Art of Math TEDx

The world is changing and so is education. As life long learners we must continually ask ourselves, how can we adapt to better serve our students’ learning needs? By providing opportunities to make meaningful connections, we can empower learners to shift their way of thinking and problem solving.

Two dynamic teachers share their success of team teaching and blending curriculum in the #ArtofMath program. Innovation, project-based learning and global citizenship are at the heart of Laura Briscoe’s teaching philosophy.

Laura is a forward thinking educator who creates a learning environment that exudes energy, ignites critical thinking and embraces risk taking to create a space that is inclusive, relevant and innovative. As the Visual Arts Department Head of Oakridge Secondary School in London, Ontario, Laura has been recognized as a leader in education both locally, provincially and nationally. In 2015 Briscoe was awarded the Prime Minister Certificate of Achievement Award, 2016 the Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Government Award, the national Classroom of the Future Spirit Award, 2014 the Innovative Teacher of the Year Award by the Ontario Business Educators’ Association, and 2016 Bishop Townshend Thames Valley Award. Laura Briscoe stimulates imagination and empowers people to make relevant connections through the arts with the world around them.

Experiential learning and improving the understanding of mathematics are at the core of Jeni Van Kesteren’s approach to teaching. Jeni teaches mathematical concepts using innovative approaches to enhance learning and build confidence. She has been recognized as the Team Leader in a provincial grant through the Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP) used to explore the impact of collaborative learning on student success in mathematics. She was awarded the Bishop Townshend Award in 2009 for her ability to demonstrate excellence in the areas of physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual development. Van Kesteren’s pedagogical approach has inspired and motivated other educators to explore the delivery of mathematics throughout secondary schools. Jeni Van Kesteren is changing the perspective of mathematics to empower students and teachers to connect with the world around them.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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