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Preschool to Grade 1: Pirate Theme Activity Handout

Pirate Top

Treasure Chest Total

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  1. Print this scroll and make a coin rubbing of each coin.

  2. Create your own coin rubbings in the space provided and determine the total value of your treasure chest!
    *Note: Grade 1 students can work to represent money amounts up to 20 cents and should be able to identify and describe various coins and their values. 

Pattern the Pirate Ship

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  1. Print the ship and these shapes (or create your own).

  2. In the sails, start at 20 and fill in the remaining sections by subtracting 2 (or 5) each time.

  3. In the three rows on the side of the ship, create different patterns using the shapes or colour. If using colour in your patterns, try using complementary colours. See detailed handout at the top for more instructions.

Balance the Scales

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  1. Print the sheet and draw (or make coin rubbings) to balance the scales. 

  2. Write the total value at the bottom.
    *Note: Grade 1 students work to make money amounts up to 20 cents.

Coin Pattern

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  1. Use nickels to create a growing pattern by starting with a certain value and then adding the same amount each time. E.g. Start with three nickels and add a nickel each time.

  2. Write the total value underneath each pile.

Feed the Parrots

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  1. Print the sheet and balance the seeds so that each parrot is fed the same amount.

Pattern Tiles

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  1. Print the handout and, if needed, the pattern block tiles

  2. Colour in the images, and then use the tiles to cover the outlines. Can it be done using a different set of shapes?

  3. Create your own pirate themed character using the shapes. Glue your creation to paper and add colour!

Pirate Hats

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  1. Create your own Pirate Hat or print off this template!

  2. Use strips of paper to create a band that will fit your head. 

  3. Decorate the band using a creative pattern.

Dueling Pirates

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  1. Create your own pirate character or create your own version of 'Pirate Jack' complete with props!

  2. Play against another pirate to compete for "treasure". The challenge: You each roll two dice. Add your values together. The person with the highest value wins that round. Decide how many rounds you want to play (e.g. 9 rounds). Keep a tally to see who wins overall.

  3. As you play, keep track of which sums were rolled. Which was rolled the most? The least?

Sink or Float?

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Hide and/or collect items to test if they are buoyant or dense.

See video for sample.

Treasure Chest.png
Pattern the Pirate Ship (Pre - Gr 1).png
Balance the Scales (Pre - Gr 1).png
Coin Patterns.png
Feed the Parrots (Pre - Gr 1).png
Pattern Tiles.png
Pirate Hats.png
Pirate Jack.png
Treasure Chest
Pattern Ship
Balance Scales
Coin Patterns
Feed the Parrots
Pattern Tiles
Pirate Hats
Dueling Pirates
Sink or Float
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