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Preschool to Grade 1: Earth Theme

The Earth Rocks Continents

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  1. Bring your world map on a hike with you. Look for rocks that are in the shape of the continents OR focus on one continent each day, then go on your rock hunt looking for it.

  2. Research pictures that would be good to paint on the rock to represent the continent.

  3. Spray with a sealer so the rock is weather resistant.

Tell Me the Continents Song

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  1. Listen to "Tell Me the Continents"

  2. Draw pictures, cut out the continents, or find objects to represent the continents.  If you have several students participating, have them each in charge of their own line of the song.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

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  1. Create a tissue paper stained-glass window.  Start by gluing tissue paper between two pieces of rice paper.

  2. Cut the circle, add a border, and hang.

Wind Chimes

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  1. Use a stick and fishing line to create your wind chime.

  2. Look for objects in nature and around the house.

Triangle Sailboats

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  1. Find a stick or piece of driftwood for the base of the sailboat. 

  2. Use paper or cardstock to create triangles for the sails. Classify triangles by angle measurements (acute, obtuse or right-angled) or side lengths (scalene, isosceles or equilateral).

  3. Add beads to the mast to create a pattern.

  4. Use a hot glue gun to secure the sails and beads to the string.

Earth Rocks
Continent Song
Tissue Earth
Wind chimes
Drift wood sailboats
Triangle Sailboats
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