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Welcome to Grade 10 Art of Math!

Content is organized by project or topic. Curriculum connections are listed in each title and more detail is given in the description. Click on "Link to Lesson" for a detailed lesson plan.

Grade 10 Math & Art Topics


Perspective Drawing, Art History and Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Learn how to use one and two point perspective to add depth to an image.  Learn about the Parthenon in Greece.  Create your own art history video or podcast, answer the 5 Ws (who?what?where?when?why?) and share with @ArtofMathEd

Use the vanishing point on a graph to investigate the point of intersection of a system of linear equations. Use this Desmos link and add lines through the points provided. Can you add any more? Once you have the equations of two lines, can you find the point of intersection using the process of substitution or elimination? Share a screenshot with @ArtofMathEd.

Link to lesson.

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