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Preschool to Grade 1 : Dinosaur Theme Activity Handout
K-1 Dinosaur Theme

Dino Knock-Out

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  1. To get started, we will make or use toy dinosaurs. Options for dinosaurs include:​

    • Cut out dino templates provided and trace onto cardboard or use cardboard to help them stand up. (Cutting along a line or around the dinos is fine.)​

    • Create your own dino figures, use cardboard to help them stand (expand creativity).

    • Use dino toys (fun and easy way to get started today)

  2. Write numbers between 30 and 100 on each dinosaur (to make it more challenging, don't use numbers that end in 0 or 5.

  3. Knock them down using a ball or elastic gun.

  4. Add up the score.

  5. Add up the total value of all the numbers on the dinosaur.

Stegosaurus Counting 

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  1. (See Template Above or Draw Your Own)

  2. Use the stegosaurus template and choose a number between 11 and 30. Label it on the first plate/spike of the tail.

  3. Add the same number consecutively to create a pattern along the plates/spikes. (i.e. start at 11 and add 5 every time: 11, 16, 21, 31 etc).


  4. Choose a number between 2 and 9 and go up by multiples of that number. (i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8 etc or 4, 8, 12, 16). Multiplication starts in Grade 3.

Puppet Show

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  1. Use the dino templates and add straws or sticks to make them into puppets OR create your own.

  2. Write a story and act it out using the puppets.

Sing Dinosaur Blippi Song

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  1. Blippi Dinosaur Song Link

Dino Grid Scavenger Hunt & Mapping

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  1. Hide your dinosaur toys/cutouts outside or throughout the home. 

  2. Create a grid or PRINT the grid provided. Use letters in the squares across the top of the grid and numbers down the side. (See sample image)

  3. Draw landmarks on your grid to help give clues to finding the dinosaurs.


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  1. Pick your favourite dinosaur and research about it online or in a book.

  2. Create a written summary or slideshow of your findings.

  3. Read a story with dinosaurs in it.

LEGO Dinosaurs

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  1. Create a dinosaur of your own using LEGO. Keep track of how many pieces you use in your creation.

  2. Give it a name and describe its characteristics.

  3. Use the template provided to fill in the information and add some MATH at the end.

Colour by Number

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  1. Draw your own dinosaur.

  2. Create a colouring key using numbers.

  3. Create questions in different parts of the dinosaur.

  4. Have someone fill it in.

Dino Pathways

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  1. Use the handout provided and fill in the pathways with a number on each paving stone.

  2. For younger students, roll a single die and place the number on a stone. To increase the challenge, roll two dice and add the values together.

  3. Print off two copies and compete with a friend or family member to see who gets the largest total!

Field Trips

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  1. Virtual field trip - Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

    • ​Hover over the grey points of interest on the floor plan and click to move there. Use the arrow keys to turn around and move the view up or down.

  2. Rock Glen Conservation Area for fossil finding.

Dino Knock-Out
Stegosaurus Counting
Puppet Show
Dinosaur Blippi Song
Dino Scavenger Hunt
Dino Research
Lego Dinosaurs
Color By Number
Dino Pathways
Field Trips
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